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Video gets under the skin and helps reveal the person inside, the personality… the demeanor… the communication skills… the likeability. It’s all part of the whole package that sets you apart from the competition, and nothing does it better than video. If your online marketing does not include a personal video touch point, you’re missing a huge opportunity. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate… but it should be something people can identify with and connect with.
Even a 20 second personal greeting and “welcome to my website”
video clip is a hundred times better than a photo. Your tone of voice, body language, and personality can all combine to make a positive first impression with a video production.

Reach out and touch someone with full motion video production
This is Ann Arbor… A video production for Real Estate One, Ann Arbor, MI - When buyers are searching for homes, they also want to know more about the community surrounding the home. What better way than first watching a video!
Facility video tour. - Tour this high-energy workout boxing gym, before you set foot there. You'll immediately know this is the place.
Mixed Media video production Ann Arbor Michigan

There's no better way to show
Real Estate than with professional photography and
full motion video.